How to Hire a Qualified Electrician for Your Home


Faulty wiring, electric shocks or even circuit breaker problems are common electrical problems experienced at home every once in a while. Diagnosing and fixing this kind of problem without the help of a qualified electrician is usually the first option most homeowners jump to, however a very bad decision since electricity is so dangerous. This can help reduce expenses if you have knowledge of wiring and electricity in general, but hiring a qualified and experienced electrician is always the best for a perfect solution to your electrical problem.

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How will you know an electrician is qualified or experienced? In this article, we are going to give you tips on how to know an electrician is qualified.

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  1. Check if he/she has valid credentials: Qualified and good electricians usually have licenses and certifications that show they are qualified and follow building codes and comply with its rules and regulations. These licenses are awarded to them after passing exams that test out their electrical skills and knowledge.


  1. Insurance: Electricians should have valid insurance that confirms that he/she has a workable public liability insurance. This insurance covers any damage to property or fittings that may arise during this exercise. Public liability insurance also covers expenses incurred if the electrician or any other person gets hurt as a result of work.


  1. Ask for a quote: A quote should include the mode of payment (before or after the job), job details and exact price (not an estimate). This will help prevent fall outs between the electrician and you. The client (you) should also explain the fault in detail so as to help ease the quoting process. You can also ask for bids from different electricians (at least 3) so as to have a good price (not so cheap or not so expensive). Extremely cheap prices can result in shady work.


  1. Guarantee: You can ask for a guarantee from the electrician. This is normally a document that affirms the remedies the electrician will take in case of faults that may be experienced within a certain period of time. This helps a great way in assuring you that the job done is up to standards.


  1. Look for references: You can also ask for references so as to prove that he/she performed well in his/her previous jobs. This can be a letter or even pictures from the previous clients. A word of mouth from a close friend can also help in proving this but it isn’t that effective.


  1. Make sure to ask for certification at the end of the job so as to ascertain that the work done meets the state electric and building codes. A good electrician will always have no problems giving you a certificate for this. If the electrician has an online platform, for example, social media or website you can also check the reviews he/she got from jobs similar to the one you are offering. Negative reviews are a major red flag.

    Fixing electric issues is a dangerous task and one can risk injury or further damage to the electric system. Slight mistakes can lead to electrocution or even fire. Keep safe by using the above tips while hiring an electrician.

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