Springtime Lawn Sprinkler Maintenance Tips


Spring Is Here

Having an effectively working sprinkler for your lawn helps to keep it neat and beautiful throughout spring. Lawn sprinklers require routine maintenance during this period of the year due to temperature increase and mild shedding of leaves by trees. It is prudent to keep check of your sprinklers condition. Most sprinklers including electric sprinklers have a low maintenance cost if they are used appropriately. Here are a few tips on how to maintain your Lawn Sprinkler easily and effectively.

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Always Check Your Sprinkler
One of the most effective ways of telling the condition of your sprinkler is observing how it works when you turn it on. A defective lawn sprinkler may be moving wrongly, sprinkling water haphazardly or blocked holes. Observing how your sprinkler works can help prevent further damage that would cost more to repair. Always notice how it works every time you switch it on to detect a problem earlier.

Clean Your Sprinklers More Often
Most of us probably think that any sprinkler does not require cleaning considering that it works with water. Certainly not. Sprinklers require regular cleaning to clear their holes and get rid of debris that would hinder performance. Some of this debris may be grass after mowing your lawn, leaves from shedding trees etc. Most experts recommend that a sprinkler is cleaned every 5-7 days for long-term service.


Keep Your Pets Off The Sprinklers
Pets can cause significant lawn sprinkler destruction. Dogs who love playing with the sprinkler account for the largest number of animals causing sprinkler destruction. Despite being a fun activity for you and your pets, it can cause a major damage to your sprinkler system hence costing you more. One effective way of doing this is by keeping your pets and out of the reach of sprinklers.

dog and waterhose

Water Your Lawn At Night
The ideal time to water your lawn is during the evening or at night. Biologically, it enables the grass to absorb more water and nutrients. This culminates in healthy, green grass that keeps your lawn attractive. Watering at night also helps to keep your sprinkler safe from possible destruction by, pets, children, and by-passers. It also keeps them free of wear and tear caused by fluctuating temperature levels throughout the day.


Use The Right Water Pressure
Different lawn sprinklers have different levels of water pressure they can withstand, depending on the make, an area to be watered. Using the recommended water pressure helps to preserve your sprinkler for a longer time. Using too much pressure can render the sprinkler defective after the time of service. High water pressure can also cause some of its parts to loosen thereby affecting the entire system. On the other hand, low water pressure can cause the sprinkler to become clogged and rusty after a short period.


Ensure Routine Maintenance
Just like any other type of machinery, a lawn sprinkler is prone to general wear and tear. However, as an easy mechanized machine, it can be easy to maintain. With a few foreman tools, you can keep the sprinkler in good condition by regularly checking out for loose bolts or defective and clogged sprinkler heads. This helps you save money and use the sprinkler for a long time.

Spring is one of the best outdoor seasons due to moderate temperature and green sceneries. After a long winter season, sprinklers are used again to water lawn during this season. Due to this, they are prone to breakage during spring than any other season for example winter. Taking good care of your lawn sprinklers helps to mitigate unforeseen maintenance costs while guaranteeing you an attractive lawn throughout the season.

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