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You need to make use of these snow removal tips in order to have a comfortable winter this year! A little bit of experience along with careful planning will help you guide to safely remove snow from a driveway! Your snow plow has to be sturdy enough. In case of deep snow on the driveway multiple times during the season, it is not possible to shovel by hand. The snow plow reduces the effort as well as time in shoveling out snow from the driveway.


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snow removal

Another thing to be remembered is that snow must be removed ASAP from the driveway as that is an area that you must always keep tidy. In case that is not done, the snow will melt when the temperatures warm up. This will create a mush mess. This is not all. The temperature can freeze again and the driveway will turn into an ice skating rink.


In case the snow on your driveway is not removed immediately and the rains come, then the snow cannot be removed with just a home plow.


snow shovelA snow scoop will help in case your snow is really deep! It is a big help when there are large areas of snow to be cleared up. It will help to clear off your driveways, or walkways, sidewalks or any other such small areas that have a pile-up of snow.


But just having a snow plow or a snow scoop may not be enough. This is because sometimes you may need to unbury hoses or pipe too. You cannot use plows and scoops as they would not be very precise. A shovel works great in case of pushing dry snow. In case of wet or icy snow, a sturdy shovel would be required!


Even after you have plowed your driveway and walking paths, the temperatures may warm up and melt the snow. This will make it re-freeze as ice. This makes the driveway too slippery. Ideally, you can keep some salt around for such situations.

You need to plan where you are going to dump the snow that you have removed from your driveway. This should be in spaces that do not have any vehicle traffic. This is because such snow piles tend to grow and become quite large very quickly in the winters!


In fact, last year I got 30″ of snow within two days. So I had to quickly clear up the driveway and I put the snow wherever I could find space! So I put heaps of snow right in front of the reserve firewood dump that we had! Now you need to avoid this!


I have even staked my driveway with stakes! I have even put reflectors along my driveway. This way I can see exactly where the edge of my driveway is!


I would always recommend removing snow quickly and often. It can get really messy when the temperatures warm up and there is heaps of snow in the driveway. This can be risky for the car too!


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