Affordable Updates That Add to Your Home Value

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Fixing Up Your Home

Making updates to your home is a necessity as the home ages.  Not only will it help with your resell value, it also allows you to have a nice place to live while you are there.   Some people wait until they are ready to move to make updates, but my theory is why wait until you move?  Do the updates while you are still living there so you can enjoy the nice environment as well.

Here are a few affordable updates that add to your home value.

1.  One of the greatest investments you can make is updating your kitchen. New cabinets, counter-tops, and flooring can have a dramatic effect on the value of your house. If you cannot afford those things, sometimes just painting the cabinets and putting new handles on the cabinets and drawers will give your kitchen a fresh, new facelift.


2.  Rearrange the furniture to make the room look spacious. This is the cheapest way to update your property because you will not spend anything. Just make sure that you remove the clutter and personal things that you have in the room. Removing your personal items will make it look ready for sale. Without your stuff, the buyer can relate more to it.

3.  You can add decorative moldings to the doors, windows, walls, and floors. They are not that hard to install and can greatly add to the look of any house. You can replace your old wooden windows with vinyl windows. This will not only conserve energy but will make the house more beautiful.

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4.  Repaint the walls. This will really change the feel of the entire house. Painting the inside and outside of your house can completely transform it. However, before you do this, conduct research on the current trends of wall colors. Some would automatically use neutral shades. However, more buyers are making bold choices. Many people love to see colors when they enter a room. To ensure that you make the right choice, check what’s trendy in wall color choices. Additionally, for the resale value, it is better to be conservative with your paint color choices as your taste might not be the same as others.

5.  Apply the right treatment for your furniture or house. You do not need to replace your existing furniture if it looks old and dull. Several treatments can give it a new look. You can sand wooden cabinets and stain them. You can also repaint your old coffee-table to give it a contemporary look.

6.  You can also update the lights in the room. Proper lighting opens up the room. It will also improve how space looks. Choose energy efficient. This may be more expensive but it is good information to give potential buyers.

7.  Replace old carpet. Use new, more modern tile for your bathroom and kitchen floors. Also, it’s becoming very popular now to put down tile floors in the family rooms.

8.  Adding a new roof is another way to raise its overall market value. There will usually be a 10 or 20-year warranty on the new roof and will add considerably to the value of your house.


9.  Putting vinyl siding is another perfect way to beautify and update your house. If you already have vinyl siding you can have it power washed to freshen it up and make it shine.

10.  New appliances in the kitchen can make a big difference in the home value. A new dishwasher, stove, and refrigerator would be perfect investments to consider in your remodeling. Also, a new washer and dryer, new central air and heat, or a new water heater will also add a lot of value.

11.  Good landscaping can also raise your home’s value. Weed your flower beds regularly and remove all dead plants and leaves. Keep your lawn well-maintained and manicured.